Welcome!  We are Mission to The World missionaries who have returned to the US for a season to help mobilize the US church toward passionate and prayerful engagement with God's worldwide mission and help train and equip new laborers for the harvest.  After spending six years serving in church-planting ministry in Cusco, Peru, we sensed God calling us to this ministry in the US as well as a season of growth and preparation for future ministry through seminary study (Derek).  This blog is a place where I (Laura) flesh out our journey on mission with the Lord through writing.  As the title of the page implies, we believe that all moments are key moments in which God reveals Himself and offers kinship with Him in His purposes, miracles, and celebration.  I hope you see this conviction evident in every post.

Our Time in Peru

We are so thankful for the privilege of having served the Lord and His children for a season in Cusco, Peru.  We are humbled by the small evidences of His work through us there, and incredibly changed through the work He did in our hearts during our time there.  To learn more about our calling to Peru, please use the "Our Calling to Peru" tab at the top of this page.  Utilize the "Blog Topics" links at the bottom of this page to find blog posts related to this and other topics.

Cusco Prayer Journey

During our time in Cusco, we developed a 5-session video-based course that we call the Cusco Prayer Journey, which equips learners to pray in an informed and strategic way for the growth of God's kingdom in Cusco, Peru.  The course is free and we are eager for church groups to use it as a tool to join the Lord's work in Cusco from afar.  Learn more here!


Financial Support

At present the Lord has led us to follow this calling out of His provision through the gifts and regular financial support of people like you.  If you would like to join our team of financial partners in ministry, please reach out to us, or visit the "Partner with Us" tab above.

Our Contact Information
Derek and Laura Dougherty
Our Joint Personal email: dzdough@gmail.com 
Derek's work email: derek.dougherty@mtw.org
Laura's work email: laura.dougherty@mtw.org


  1. Excited for you guys and how God is going to work thru you in Peru!

  2. Laura, I hear you and my heart identifies with you. This is a key moment, and a key week for death, burial, resurrection